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Re: How long before TNG were the Wrath Of Khan uniforms phased out?

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Wow, those TWOK uniforms are pretty long-serving, then! They hung onto them for a good 70, 80 years! They phased out the early TNG jumpsuits (for main characters) after two seasons!
Which is patently ridiculous. In a much lesser span of time, TNG went from the spandex of S1&2, to the "regular" duty uniform for the rest of the series, to the DS9 uniforms for Generations, to the FC uniforms, to the AGT uniforms (granted that last one was from an alternate future, but they popped up at least three times in Trek's future history, so they've got something going for them).

I always felt that "Yesterday's Enterprise" should have shown the Ent-C crew in some kind of "intermediate" uniform (and phaser as well, since the type they used was even older than the uniforms!) I know they blew the budget on the Ent-C model, but it's not like the wardrobe dept. couldn't have come up with something, even if they were re-used uniforms from some alien-of-the-week.
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