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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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But the Federation/Starfleet would have thousands of industrial replciators to call upon. It was likely DSN itself was equipped with at least one industrial replciator in order to serve as a repair facility.
Just as believable that VOY would have an Industrial Replicator as well. The war's effect would've been better shown if the Station was shown battle-damaged and the Defiant being more battle scarred as well. And don't get me started on how no one in the main cast died except Dax.

It is highly improbable that Vouyager would have an industrial replicator to replicate all those parts and hull plates they needed week in week out.
They wouldn't need them week in and week out. Federation Starships are designed for missions that take them away from Known Space for years. TOS had the Enterprise on a 5 year mission away from Fed space where it would be beyond any repair facilities. They wouldn't send them out on missions like that if they needed maintenance so fast and so easily.

And Voyager would easily run into alien repair stations and commerce hubs, without being at war with anyone to make them need stuff all the time.

Hell, Moya from Farscape was a "living" ship but we never saw it having to "eat" anything to survive but no one complains there.
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