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Star Trek Into Darkness was an incredibly flawed film, but when I watch it I feel like I'm five again sitting in front of the 25" floor-model color TV we had. For that alone, I find it an incredibly compelling experience because not many things have that power. YMMV.
I can fully understand guilty pleasures, it's why I love ST Insurrection so much and why I feel Battlefield Earth is a decent film. I could have overlooked a rather dodgy plot if STID came with some juicy thoughtful and ponderous moments. Hell I like passion when it's combined with some great moral principles and a situation which ain't contrived. But I just think that after STID, we are not going to see scenes like this from Star Trek again for a long time...


That's what I've been pounding the table about. Those are two scenes which have emotional stakes far greater than STID, but they work so well because they never went overboard and all...
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