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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

CaptainRoop said:
Just wanted to say, Everybody is commenting on what that could be down and in front of the bridge area, and there has been soom good thoughts, but on most of your starships we are use to that area being just a lighted area that shines on the name and numbers I believe, so of course I am fine with that.
This is part of why I like it as a fwd scanner. We've seen that before... on the refit Enterprise among others. Theres an active scanner array just above the lower sensor dome on that ship, with four "spotlights" facing fore, aft, port, and starboard. Visually, the forward one of these is much brighter and is more like a spotlight... what I've described as the "big spotlight ahead, showing the way for our intrepid crew" (or some variation on that theme). The Excelsior also has this, but with six scanner emitters. I actually was taking this concept and carrying it to an extreme when I laid out my ship's primary hull... the "nose" that people complained about so much when I first presented it was based, more than anything else, on the refit Enterprise's scanner package (though taking cues from the Defiant, Intrepid, and NX classes as well). I wanted to (1) make it bigger (implying much more power and range than the conventional ones we've seen before) and (2) give it an unrestricted field of view (instead of having its field of view partially restricted by the hull). Then again, my ship is supposed to be a deep-range explorer/scout... basically, it's purpose is to be a "forward observer" type of ship rather than a main-line combat, science, or diplomatic vessel. Clearly, most ships (like Grandeur) are more multi-purpose, and you wouldn't expect the same almost dedicated focus on sensor and probe operations I built into mine.
And as some have commented I too liked the Delector Dish on top as it added even more to the possiblity that when the saucer seperates she can be even more self sufficient, along with the weapons and mini nacell ect. Of course it is up to you if you put that back on, but it was a good idea
I'm not sure that you shouldn't have both. If this "nose-let" gets treated as a scanner, maybe you can also have the old deflector where it was before? I have to admit that I've never quite gotten the need for a secondary deflector beam. Generally speaking, the forward shields are used for micrometeorite protection and the deflector beam is used to sweep away the big stuff that the shields wouldn't cover, right? Many "canon" ships don't even have a deflector beam (or at least nothing we can see as one). I get the impression that you only need a deflector beam if you're operating at reasonably high warp speeds... a separated hull element doesn't REALLY need it's own deflector beam at all, unless that section is going to be travelling at warp itself, I'd have to say.

But visually, I'm thinking that having a "secondary deflector" like the first revision of this ship (perhaps slightly smaller?) had would LOOK pretty cool, in combination with the detail that's been added here.

Just my 2cents
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