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It had to be the pacing and you were probably expecting LOTR?
Never was a Lord of the Rings fan, didn't enjoy the books I read and didn't enjoy the films. Middle Earth simply isn't my thing.

I think when we see movies, there is so much more to the experience than what we see on the screen. I'm sure that lots of people loved The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings (I know my wife did) but I didn't. Sometimes our associations are so strong for something because it reminds us of childhood (I think this applies to my wife for Middle Earth stuff, me for Star Trek) that we can look beyond the perceived flaws that others find because we've simply found a strong slice of nostalgia. Sometimes you go to something that you thought you wouldn't enjoy but do because the power of the company your with (went to World War Z with the wife and enjoyed it far more than I ever expected). Sometimes you enjoy something simply because you have a pretty girl on your arm.

Star Trek Into Darkness was an incredibly flawed film, but when I watch it I feel like I'm five again sitting in front of the 25" floor-model color TV we had. For that alone, I find it an incredibly compelling experience because not many things have that power. YMMV.
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