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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness review by Steve Burgess

If I've been to see a movie and enjoyed it, I have little interest in reading reviews, be they scathing or complimentary. (I was thrilled when I heard that both JJ movies rated really well on Rotten Tomatoes, but I haven't read those reviews either.) If I read an angry review before seeing a movie, I may well allow myself to choose a different movie. If I'm curious about a forthcoming movie, I will often read some professional or fan reviews.

it's a movie franchise I follow - and then no review in the universe is going to stop me going to see a new "Star Trek" (or "Batman" or "Superman"). Good, bad, I'll see 'em all. The good ones I'll see over and over and over.

Walking out early? How can you join online debates if you haven't seen the whole thing? How could you bear to know there was "Star Trek" footage out there you'd never seen?
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