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STID is all about emotion, that takes precedent over everything else.
This is exactly why the movie is great. Humans acting like humans (this happened quite a bit in TOS).
STID cranks the emotion factor to 11, it was so strong I switched off because it was becoming drama for the sake of drama. The basis for all it is either weak, flimsy, overplayed or even non-existent. Yes it good to have emotion, but when it is so grotesquely taken out of context it loses a lot of impact.

I rarely go the cinema, and nearly all the films I watch are at least seven or more years old, I have to say that STID was the most OTT film I've seen in years. Maybe all films are like this now and because everyone watches them then they think STID is normal in that regard.

And the last thing I watched before STID was the Hobbit, and let me say the Hobbit had more or less the same emotional stakes and only once or twice did it become a little to over dramatic. STID is just incapable of subtly and this film (STID) would have been vastly better if it had toned down the emotions.
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