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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

All right, I'll bite--being biographical could be fun! (Warning: like ex nihilo, I am known to ramble. Proceed at your own risk.)

Hmm. Being biographical is hard. There's a lot to say. Well, we'll start in the beginning. I was born in 1986 (along with my twin sister) in a hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where I lived for four years. After a stint in Minnesota my family settled in Indianapolis, Indiana, when I was seven, where I resided until I left for university.

I am currently a freshman at Indiana University. It was not my first choice, but in retrospect I think it was the best one. Since I am a freshman I lack all those shiny credentials that you lot do, so you don't have to take me seriously. I am majoring in Psychology (my primary interests being cognition and neuroscience) as well as International Studies (my regional concentration will probably be the Mid East or S. Asia) and Cognitive Science. I'm also minoring in Biology and attempting to be a dilettante in all the sciences (otherwise known as a pre-med student--required to take a year each of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Organic Chemistry). It's, er, fun. I'm also trying to remain a well-rounded person by taking some literature, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, and languages (esp. French, but also Hindi).

I grew up reading many books, and I loved reading a great deal; I was probably influenced to a large extent by my father's example. I read mostly fantasy and some sci-fi. I don't read as much now, what with classes and all, but I do try to fit in what I can, mostly by reading articles on the internet, browsing Wikipedia (damn that's fun!), and reading Misc. (digital crack, I tell you!).

Musically, I was a late bloomer, probably because I spent so much time reading. I was always a SW fan, though, and thus John William's score led to my interest in other film scores as well as a bit of (Western) classical. My father also got me hooked on The Beatles. Then a few years ago my sister bought me a Belle & Sebastian CD, and my life was changed forever as I was introduced to the world of modern music. Having grown up thinking that modern music was limited rap and R&B, this "other" world of modern music (mostly indie music) was quite a shock. My interest in music is quite strong, and I am currently exploring the merits of the post-punk revival.

Well, I suppose that's all I can think of to say for now. This is actually quite fun. Thank you all for listening...or reading...or not reading, as the case may be! Goodnight.
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