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Just flip back to Year of Hell and how Janeway was acting when her ship was the one beat up and they were on the verge of death. Really makes her condescending nature silly at best. I mean she was convinced that her ship was "testing" her, willing to go into battle with a broken ship, thought it was a good idea to have her whole crew try and get home in escape pods and threatened to delete the doctor when he told her how stupid this all was. Toss her combustible space slugs then, and I'd bet money she'd use them.

"I'm going to have you executed in an agonizing way if you don't betray your captain's location to me so I can hunt him down and kill him for betraying humanity's principles" Please...

As for why Equiniox wasn't sent back after their crew was raped? I dunno... this is Voyager, continuity isn't a strong point. Maybe Banjo man scared them off after he had his way with them in the barn.
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