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Re: Microsoft planning complete reversal of DRM policy for Xbox One

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I'm no Xbot fan or nothing, but I hope no one at Microsoft is holding the yet to be launched Xbox One against Mattrick at this point. It's not like Microsoft has had any successful consumer electronics launches other than the Xbox and Xbox 360 in the past. Any one remember the Zune Media Player? Microsoft Kin smartphone? The Surface, anyone?
Well, it absolutely should be held against Mattrick, at least in part, because he contributed to a quite simply disastrous product reveal and completely botched the PR aftermath, and he was directly responsible for a lot of the worst actions EA took during the '90s and '00s. (The other responsible party for the Xbone botch was Phil Harrison -- as has been pointed out, it's funny that Sony completely botched the PS3 reveal, Harrison jumped over to Microsoft last year, and all of a sudden Microsoft starts making boneheaded decisions.)

It's emblematic of a cultural shift at Microsoft. The company did everything right when launching the Xbox, including going to war with Bill Gates over launching a year after the PS2 in order to have a hardware advantage. Those rebels were serious gamers and they knew what the market wanted.

Then they were whittled away. Seamus Blackley got bored and wanted to go back to making games. Robbie Bach bailed. Ed Fries was forced out after he lost a power struggle with J Allard (who went on to botch the Xbox 360 and Zune launches). The mentality within the division lost a lot of creativity only to find it replaced by ruthless execution of numbers.
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