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Caught up with parts one and two of "After Darkness". I like "Countdown to Darkness" and "After Darkness" better than the movie itself. Really enjoyed the first part. The second part felt like a bit of a detour. While the new take on Pon Farr is interesting I wish this arc was focusing more on the Klingons, Romulans, and Federation intrigue and save the Pon Farr stuff for a later story.
I enjoyed Countdown too, although I still want a movie adaptation to slot into the chronology. The comics have potential to build on themes and develop supporting characters and I hope that they still do the occasional TOS tale reboot.
It's funny that you said that because the thought did occur to me that there wasn't a movie adaptation. I can't recall if they did a comic adaptation of Trek 2009 (I think they did). If so it's odd that they didn't do one for Into Darkness. It would be cool to have an adaptation especially if it added onto some of the supporting characters and events from the film.

Though if you want more of that story the upcoming Harrison comic I've heard about could fill in some of the blanks, even if not providing the adaptation you were hoping for.

The Wormhole,

Thanks for the spoiler. Man, I was planning to drop the Trek comic after "After Darkness" and the Gorn issue, but now I think I might just stick around.
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