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Re: Microsoft planning complete reversal of DRM policy for Xbox One

I'm no Xbot fan or nothing, but I hope no one at Microsoft is holding the yet to be launched Xbox One against Mattrick at this point. It's not like Microsoft has had any successful consumer electronics launches other than the Xbox and Xbox 360 in the past. Any one remember the Zune Media Player? Microsoft Kin smartphone? The Surface, anyone?

And honestly, does anyone expect the Xbox One to be a flop? It may under perform, but it will sell millions of units and have substantial market share.

What concerns me about Mattrick is how unprepared the Xbox team was for the launch event. 1 executive on one side of the country says one thing, another exec on the other side says something completely contradictory. For instance, the "cloud computing" capability offloads AI processes from the system to the cloud... But when asked about what happens when you loose your Internet connection to the cloud, no one gave a satisfactory response. What? Does your AI become artificially dumb? Is your game interrupted? And this whole 180? What does this mean for unconnected XB1's? How does this effect the cloud computing and AI processing if the XB1 is not on the internet?

Sony had their launch event in February and it took Microsoft 3 months to answer them. It seems to me that they could've used another month or 2 to get right on messaging.
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