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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Oh yeah, they don't even hide it.

* Quark and the Ferengi constantly mock the fact the humans don't use money but need it whenever OTHER cultures come up who do.

(One episode has them repeat Picards "we no longer need money, we improve ourselves" speech sarcastically.)

* Religion is an important part of people's lives and attempts to suppress (or "educate" those who believe in it) it is diminishing yourself as well as the people who believe it.

* Dismissing deities in a world with Sufficiently Advanced Aliens is stupid since the two might as well be interchangeable.

* The Federation's self-described utopianism actually creeps other races out, leading them to believe they'll suck up other races' cultures and replace them with a meaningless family friendly Disneyland version.

(They call it "Federation root beer" -- look it up on Youtube)

* The ends sometimes DO justify the means.

* There's a group which does the Federation's dirty work so everyone else can feel safe and secure.

* Sometimes war is inevitable and the other side isn't capable of being reasoned with.

* People would use holodecks for sex--all the time.

* Infinite Diversity and Utopianism are incompatible--you have to accept the good with the bad in tolerance.

* And my favorite: If you were a 20th century human you'd probably prefer living with the Bajorans or Klingons.

It's very very idealistic but the series is one long deconstruction of everything Roddenberry's vision implied.

I was aware that DS9 had touched on some of those issues, but I had just assumed (perhaps erroneously, it seems) that those departures from Roddenberry's "evolved humanity" would be depicted in the same "looking down our nose at you because we've evolved beyond that" manner that TNG so often employed. You know, as in I'm supposed to, for example, agree with the enlightened Feddies and roll my eyes at Quark and his fellow flawed and backward money-users.
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