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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Funny enough that FIFTH Ninja Turtle materialized in the early '00 live action TMNT show that only went like 13-15 episodes, Venus DeMilo I think was the female 5th turtle. Not to be seen again though for the last decade at least. So that Wolverine comic is more humorous now than what it was intended to be.

Started SEASON 9 last night.

9x1-Avalon pt.1: Ben Browder and Claudia Black both guest starring to start S9!! The only thing to make this better would've been Tricia Helfer as an Ori and Michael Dorn as the Jaffa ambassador played by Louis Gosset Jr., that would've been a sci-fi win/win fanfic playing out right there!!
The episode introduces Browder who has been an up and coming pilot and inter splices it with his role in the Anubis attack on Antarctica. Browder is Lt.Col.Mitchell and he's been selected to lead SG-1, we find our team has been split up. We then discover that Jack has also stepped down and we have our 3rd new leader of SGC in 2yrs with Hank Landry(Beau Bridges). Mitchell sets out to re-recruit Jackson, Carter & Teal'C cause when he put in for transfer it was specifically to work WITH the existing team. Leading a team without them not his plan.
SG-12 is on a mission and they return with Claudia Blacks Vala who once took over Prometheus and is a rather unscrupulous individual seeking a treasure of the Ancients. She also says she's pregnant and Daniel maybe the father...although I think both statements were for shock value. The Ancient tablet hints that Merlin, of Arthur's Round Table, was likely an advanced human but not yet fully Ascended. I'm no expert on British landmarks but the Glastonbury tomb site is where the tablet points. Sure enough mega encrypted Ancient tech has been giving back false readings at the site and indeed something is inside the mound. We then have a pseudo-Indiana Jones moment in two chambers where the ceiling is caving in on SG-1. Not technically, cause Mitchell hasn't officially named his team. Jackson and Teal'C are just along to do a one off assist in this moment. Cue the "....continued" tag as the ceiling lowers down.

9x2-Avalon pt.2: The two person teams solve their riddle, stop the ceiling and go back to the main room to see if they can now pull the sword out of the stone(didn't mention that last time, oops). Mitchell pulls the sword and a holo-knight appears to do battle with him. Mitchell is the only one who can hold the sword, it's keyed to him. He must beat the knight to earn the "treasure of Avalon". He beats the knight, no treasure. Daniel surmises the presence of others, meaning them, might be the problem so He, Teal'C and Vala ring back up to Prometheus. At which point the place begins to cave in. Daniel gets Vala to admit she took a coin, Pure of Heart she is not. Mitchell rings down with it, places it back in the pot, presto treasure appears. Within the treasure is a device and two stones. Daniel and Vala each take one and it links them across galaxies to inhabit two other humanoid beings. The humans here are living much like 14th/15th century Europeans and worshiping a race known as the ORI. Whose favorite phrase is "Hallowed by the ORI". They are, as we find out, offshoots of The Ancients. Kinda like cousins with different philosophies about their ascended/enlightened status. The Ancients, who it seems were once known as Arkons(sp), have a handsoff approach. The ORI are a bit Gou'ald in they demand to be worshipped. And will use their power to harm you for being evil if you don't. Vala even gets burned as a heretic but an ORI avatar/ambasador appears, heals her/restores her to life and then Daniel and Vala disappear with him.

9x3-Origin: or Avalon pt.3 as I thought of it, it really flows right out of the two parter. So this Avatar is called a Prior and takes Daniel and Vala to see an ORI. These ORI are real found of fire. Daniel makes the ironic parallel that on Earth, religion cultures associated fire with hell. Here it's associated with righteousness. The ORI apparently were unaware that the Milky Way was there for conversion. Now thanks to the body swap they inform Daniel they will begin sending Priors there for conversion. One has already gone. Daniel and Vala are returned to the village where an ally takes them to an artifact that might help. It's a sister communication device. The local priest finds them and this time Daniel and Vala are tied back up to be burned in the great circle. The body swap happens and Daniel and Vala are back in their bodies. O'Neill pops in at the end to speak with Daniel but we don't really find out what he's up to. Carter is the only one out of these three episodes to not physically appear. She was just on a Skype-type call with Mitchell in Avalon pt.1
Also, at episodes end Mitchell still doesn't have his team in place for a new SG-1.

So while I don't think we've seen the last of Annubis, Gou'ald, Replicators etc it seems for the next two seasons the ORI are going to be the big Heavies and force the hand of the Ancients perhaps? The opening intro has been totally reworked as you'd expect. I notice it still has Amanda Tapping in the credits AND that the Teal'C, Carter,Jackson,Mitchell shots of them going through the Gate are in the credits. So when he tells Walter it doesn't look like he's getting the band back together I guess he was premature. I had thought Vala was a regular, next season then or she just pops up as a semi-regular? Guess I'll find out soon enough.
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