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Star Trek Into Darkness review by Steve Burgess

I know a certain alternative online magazine whose readers could probably use a little escapism this week. Director JJ Abrams aims to help you out with his second trip on the Starship Enterprise: Star Trek Into Darkness. It certainly helped me get my mind off recent events. By the time I left the theater I was depressed for a totally different reason.
After some introductory hijinx on the planet Colour Scheme (done up in lovely red and yellow) and a shoot-em-up scene borrowed from, of all places, Godfather III, Star Trek Into Darkness eventually sees Kirk and friends tasked with a mission from Admiral Marcus (good old Peter "Buckaroo Banzai Robocop" Weller) to pursue the nasty John Harrison to a Klingon planet and terminate him with extreme prejudice. Mr. Harrison proves uncooperative and soon the crew of the Enterprise is wondering where their loyalties lie. At this point Abrams' movie is developing some promise -- the screenwriting team is introducing themes about creeping militarism and even the ethical questions raised by drone strikes.
'Star Trek Into Darkness'; Under director JJ Abrams, the Starship Enterprise is more of a Led Zeppelin

Talk about not getting the movie, like most left, right, and center-wing film critics.

Opinions, anyone?
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