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The 3D Art Tutorial thread

Well, I've noticed that some people here want to learn how to model ships, corridors, characters, and what ever comes to mind. Now, I know there is a thread pertaining to the acquirement of the software used to perform these feats, but I don't see a particular thread for the use of educating people on how to use the variety of software available.

Now I had to pay about $50,000 to learn half of the stuff I know today, and half of the stuff that I learned can be found on the internet, and I'm all for educating people. SO, I am creating this thread to teach the basics on how to model, UV, texture, and how to render/ using Game engines. From Organic Modeling to Hard Surface.

Now to keep with the trek spirit any tutorial I create and post in the future will pertain to Star Trek.

To get started though I will post some links to the free sites I used when I first got started to help anybody who wants this.


World of Level Design

Creative Crash

Now, I mainly specialize in the use of Maya, Mudbox, Z-Brush, Photoshop, and UDK. Most of the techniques, and tips I will show are applicable to any 3D software.

If anybody else who is skilled would like to add to this please do so.
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