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Re: Developments you'd like to see in the NTrekverse

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As well on that point. Hopefully thy'll have broken up Spock and Uhura and put her with Scotty where she should be (thanks to TFF).
That was more out-of-left-field than anything they did with Spock/Uhura. At least with Spock/Uhura, you could point to early TOS and see that there was some chemistry between Nimoy/Nichols.

Do we ever have any evidence that Scott and Uhura were attracted to one another prior to The Final Frontier?
TBH I don't really have a problem with Spock/Uhura. I just would have preferred that if they were going to put Spock in a relationship that they had made Chapel a character and paired Spock with her.

I think there were some hints throughout TOS that Scotty was attracted to Uhura. But it was the same level of attraction he showed to other female crewmembers from time-to-time.
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