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Re: You can have only ONE: New Star Trek or New Stargate?

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For those who chose Star Trek, did you see Stargate SG-U?

SG-U was a fairly radical departure from the formula stories of the SG-1 series. It was dark and gritty, and was almost painfully gripped around basic raw struggles in the beginning... which was kind of it's downfall because so many SG-1 fans felt alienated. They turned their backs and helped kick the Stargate franchise into remission.

SG-U was a bit hard to take in the 1st season, but the 2nd season was where the series began to really shine. This show had SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Not only with the Stargate foundation, but with the opportunity to totally expand that world into other areas. The scope of SG-U was almost epic. This very ancient starship was traveling across galaxies... with an extraordinary mission that was laid out for it by an astonishingly advanced race of beings who inadvertently ended up aborting the mission by ascending to the next plane of existence, leaving the ship behind without a crew and following an automated pathway across the cosmos.

The questions posed and potential imaginary answers that may have followed were spine tingling fantastic. I was so intrigued by this series and very hungry to see what path it would follow, only to have my hopes horribly dashed by a cruel termination of the series after but a brief 2 seasons. They couldn't even give it a "saving grace" 3rd season to have at least done some reasonable exploring of those questions before wrapping it up. Instead, everybody went into hibernation, suspending the show indefinitely.

Star Trek has had a legendary degree of coverage, with 5 series (3 of them with 6+ seasons) and plenty of movies. And while SG-1 had a record 10 seasons for a prime time sci-fi series (I think Dr. Who is the largest of all), the franchise still lags quite a bit behind Star Trek for total episode coverage.

So for me, I feel we need a new Stargate series. Definitely.
See I didn't have an issue with the darker tone taken in SG:U, it was good that they tried something different. Fans are a hard bunch to please. I think if SG:U had been similar in tone to SG-1 and SG:A and if it had been cancelled after 2 years people would be complaining they should have tried something different.
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