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Re: Why No Romulan Ships?

And the Valdore might have been just developed during the Dominion War, like the Sovereign class- designed to meet a need but not deployed in the fleets yet.
As we saw in ST-Enterprise lots of races had clocking technology so the Borg probably had assimilated a number of ways of doing it. They never really bothered with it on their ships because they never cared if you saw them or not, when they showed up you were toast anyway. Voyager could have added a cloak if Janeway did not mind ignoring an Alpha Quadrant restriction but that would have made the trip home have a lot less drama to base stories on.
I like the idea the it would have been too complicated to use a Klingon version of the Cloak on the Defiant due to the Treaty with the Romulans, since they wanted info and and were paranoid enough to have the best possible cloak technology...
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