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Re: does stargate sg1 remain good

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I know i have been making a lot of threads but this is my last one. I am about to order stargate seasons 2 and 3 after liking season 1 and was wondering if stargate sg1 remains good throught its entire run or if it gets better like tng did in its later seasons?
Most agree, it continues getting better and deeper up through Season 6. Some people will tell you it's not as good from S7 on, others will say it starts going downhill in S8, and still others think all 8 of the original Storyline Seasons are good, yet it falls apart in S9 or 10.

The show becomes quite a different show (though of course much stays the same) in S9 and 10, but, I think there was alot of good stuff in S9 and S10 and I like the new storyline, and the old storyline had pretty much run it's course by the end of S8.

So, for me, although S9 and 10 are different, I found the show enjoyable all the way through.

Fisrt 5 Seasons were Produced by Showtime, S6-S10 were produced by the SciFi Channel
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