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Re: Any old timers still around?

Hello bathl sweetie, nice to see you around again :-)

It is 0100 hours and I can't sleep, so y'all are in for a treat - me!

I won't rehash over old 'Where Are They Now' territory, but you can certainly read it here, here and here

So what have I been doing with this nasty case of real life?

I'm still majorly involved with playing rugby and just came back from my third international tour. Though before anybody thinks I'm the next Quade Cooper, Adam Ashley-Cooper or Scott Higginbotham, rest assured I'm strictly low level amateur and it has all been either self funded or team fundraised through old fashion elbow grease activities like raffles et cetera.

My other obsession now is trying to learn German, though Truthfully at the moment I'm only six months in and still pretty shitty, but its a long road, getting from there to here!

Can i say what an tough mistress that language is turning out to be. Dative cases are evil I tell you! It doesn't help that my German speaking friends in Melbourne are all Swiss-German speakers. I love Switzerland but their German is so... Bizarre lol

In fact it was for a Berlin team (that I'm really good mates with) with whom I played with, this last tour, in a competition in Bristol. Yes rugby exists in Germany! And Berlin is such an amazing and wonderful city. I'd so love to move there.

So yeah, rugby and Germany. My two big obsessions at the moment as any of my Facebook peeps would confirm. So enough about them as I can chew your ear off for hours on those subjects.

I came here as I actually started wondering about a few old timers recently, which I guess is why I read, and am now posting in this thread. I actually had the pleasure of meeting (finally after 11 years!) AdAstra during my recent EuroTrip, staying in his guest bedroom for two days in Antwerp!

I occasional read the Doctor Who fora (forii?) here, but my days of talking about tv shows are long over, and other then Doctor Who my TV viewing is non existent other then a mild obsession with 'Say Yes To The Dress' and 'Four Weddings' (yeah... I know)

Anyway... There are a few, very select members/ex-members of this board on my personal Facebook and I'm really not one to add any old person (sorry guys). I prefer to know you in real life first. But at least with those few I do know what they're up too et cetera.

It is just everybody else!!! Lol

But there was a time this board was a big part of my life and I do have a huge soft spot for it. And I guess that makes me think of those posters that where a big part of that.

People I do wonder about...

Callisto and DatJongetje my two big partners in crime at one stage. Oh the mischief we had!

And when talking about mischief, one cannot help segue into mentioning Kass, everybodies favourite naughty redhead!

castek - I know he was classed as a troll, but he was a sweet kid with some truly awful family shit happening at the time, and i guess this was just his way of letting things out. Plus we where both from Brisbane. Or the other Brisbanite jazamul lol

Talking about trolls, did we ever figure out the deal behind Enterpriser? Are we allowed to talk about it now? Lol

Or even mods Barcode and susannah. I didn't know them really that well, but because they where such huge personalities on the board when I first arrived - they are forever associated with the place for me.

And going really old school... cheshirecat_7 - I remember she moved from Toronto to Melbourne after finding love on the boards with another poster (I think). And I'm pretty sure they originally hitched up together in the neighbouring suburb to the one I currently live in! Of course that was 11 years ago...
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