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Re: John Bynre photocomics

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Anyone vaguely interested in this should read that thread; the work Byrne does to turn television into good comics is quite interesting, and I'm much more interested in this project than when I started this thread!
Me too. Seeing more of his samples, I'm interested by his use of comic-book composition and conventions to spice up the screencaps -- like in his "Corbomite Maneuver" test pages, having the image of Spock on the sickbay monitor being in a "balloon" with its tail pointing to the monitor, yet with Spock's dialogue in balloons coming out of the inset image. I also liked that page where you had Kirk in the turbolift on the left, Spock on the bridge in the middle, and stacked back-and-forth dialogue balloons in the middle -- a nice graphic portrayal of the conversation between two locations. I'm seeing that even with recycled images, one can appreciate the artistry and skill of Byrne's compositions.
It's knowing how good Byrne is at laying out comics that makes me more interested in this. A photo-comic in general doesn't excite me much, but knowing how talented Byrne is at visual story telling makes me, at the very least, curious to see what he ends up making.
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The fact that CBS signed off on this gives me hope that they'll let the licenses pursue other off-beat concepts. Why more hasn't been done with the Quogs-style Star Trek I don't understand. There should be Quogs-style illustrated books for young readers, kid-friendly comics, etc. Make something for the younger crowd, nurture and grow the next generation (pun intended) of Star Trek fans.
Here here! The Quogs seem such a wasted opportunity, they could have a lot of fun with them. They'd be perfect for funny short films and such like. QMx are startig to get playful with their Trekkies comic strips, but I prefer the Quogs style.
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