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Re: Urban Fantasy: Vampire and Witches and Weres, oh my!

Then only 3 of the 11 current Saga books take place in a city, 'A Wind in the Night' next year will take place largely in the Sky Cutter Range and the northern deserts of the Suman Empire.

Bela is hardly a city, more like a walled town with concentric rings of increasing slums around it, so that leaves almost all of series 1 out.

'In Shade and Shadow' and 'Between Their Worlds' are the only two in the franchise that are urban mystery/murder, with only the first of those really fitting the bill, as the second is entirely on the Guild grounds more than half the book.

Calm a'Seatt is the only real Human city left in their world at all, and as the name shows, it was mostly Dwarven land originally, still boasting a sizable population of them.

2 out of 12 (with only 15 novels in the saga total, last three likely to be in the Empire) doesn't really cut it.
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