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Re: Where are the toys?

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after the reboot figures stillign on the shelves for so long I think the nails were hammered in for the 1/18th scale maybe Diamond Select will roll something out at a larger scale
The figures sat there forever because there were three freakin' sizes of action figure.
Gotta agree this was the problem with the 2009 action figure line. They would have been much better off concentrating on a single size and producing a larger range of them rather than trying to split up the pie with all the different figure size variants.

I also got the feeling Playmates took the licence for granted a bit. They thought they'd be able to produce a large range like they did back in their 1990s heyday, so they left out figures like "standard uniform" Chekov and McCoy presumably on the assumption that they'd just be able to release them as part of a second wave at a later date. Of course, the second wave didn't come.

I disagree; the multi scale was a small part of the issues.

]The 3 3/4 figures were mediocre at best nice head sculpts, but they were downright puny- they were much smaller than Star Wars, Marvel Universe and Joes.

For me the best part about the Megos I had as a kid was Batman could help Kirk fight the Green Goblin, my four year old fights GI Joes and Imaginext guys to him it is not an issue, but to anyone over 6 scale becomes an issue.

Just look at the figures form Speed Racer and Avatar they sat sat on the shelves for ages too, why – they did not fit- even Mattels’ attempt at the DC universe has had so so sales – scale matters.

Plus building a bridge/ transporter play set to me is really cool idea to me at 41. I Iike having a dio with chairs and consoles, but to kid- not really a great accessory, and as a parent to buy a transporter playset that is only 60% complete and then I have to chase down four more figures (Nero, Spock and Uhura gor the pad and Wave 2 Checkov for the 2nd control console [ yes there was going to me wave 2, w/ the different uniforms and space suits and Alien critters]). I would not be happy.

No not buying it the multi scale defense.
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