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Re: Endgame was awesome!

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If you're asking for opinions, I can offer one.
Noted. Sorry, I haven't been on the bbs while the thread while this thread took on a life of its own. These are minor flaws (at least to me) R Star. Its like "All Good Things" with its problem of the anomaly-growing-backward-in-time error, but the STORY is still good. The plot is what I enjoy about endgame. I don't focus much on the details. I do have a few issues with the episode (for instance, if the borg posses a wormhole leading to 001, why hasn't earth been handily assimilated?) But I loved the plot. If you can't suspend your disbelief once in a while, it becomes impossible to enjoy Trek.
Shows esp. Sci-Fi shows to require a suspesnion of disbelief. We accept Warp Drives, Transporters etc.. as being needed to tell the story. However the producers have to be careful not to push that to far or they risk breaking that suspension.
Of course where that breaking point is might differ from person to person.

The plot is what many people dislike about "Endgame".

As has already been pointed out, they previoulsy refused an offer to prevent the ship from being launched on the misson in the first place because of the impact they had , had in the DQ. Flash forward a few years later and so what about the influence we might have had in the next 16 years just so we can save the lives of effectively three crew members Seven, Tuvok and Chakotay.
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