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Re: Netflix Presents: House of Cards (US) *SPOILERS*

I signed up to Netflix for the new season of Arrested Development, but decided to give House of Cards a whirl while I had the chance. It has its problems, but overall I thought it was good and look forward to the next season. I also gave the British version a go (followed by To Play the King and The Final Cut) and enjoyed that too, but they're very different shows. Overall, I'd say I prefer the US version because the characters felt more real, while the British version was more of a mischievous romp. For example, the downfall and death of Peter Russo had more punch to it than the death of Roger O'Neill. (Although my ambivalence to his death was partly down to my happiness of not having to hear his half-leprechaun accent any more.)

That being said, Francis Urquhart is definitely a more fun character than Francis Underwood.
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