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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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First of all, WHAT scientific nature of space? Space is no more "scientific" than the ocean or the air, but we don't have science officers as command-level positions on nuclear submarines do we?
You know, nebulas, wormholes, space anomalies, the occasional time travel incident, and so on.

Second of all, if this were true we would expect to see science officers on the bridge of Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian and Jem'hadar ships as well.
But we have seen Klingon science officers. Kang's wife was science officer and XO of his ship. In DS9's Soldiers of the Empire when Dax was serving on Martok's ship, she was assigned to the bridge's science station. Also, in TNG's Redemption Part 2 and DS9's Shadows and Symbols we see Klingons win their battles with scientific solutions. Romulans have science ships which do belong to their military (the crew wears military uniforms).

But most trek writers and almost all of its producers have had a different vision in mind for what it is and how it operates.
I'm not convinced of that. Roddenberry had a "vision" for what Starfleet is and how it operates, but everyone else is just following his edict that Starfleet isn't a military. I do believe they are doing this out of some belief that it has to be done rather than a desire to show Starfleet as non-military. After all, everyone hated the rules imposed by Roddenberry in TNG that there should be no interpersonal conflict among Starfleet officers, and that's adhered to to such an extent that it takes a prequel and a reboot to bring back interpersonal conflict among Starfleet officers. Therefore it's possible that claiming Starfleet isn't a military is just another thing which some folks along the way realized is wrong, but are forced to go along with simply because it's one of Roddenberry's rules and it would appear that even after a reboot it still applies.
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