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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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Not sure why she can't find the time for both like what Jennifer Lawrence is doing with X-men and The Hunger Games.
Lionsgate and Fox coordinated shooting schedules, with Fox pushing the shoot for DOFP back a bit, to make sure Jennifer Lawrence could do both. Sony is looking to crank out Spider-Man films at a very fast pace, leaving little wiggle room for coordination with another franchise.
According to what I've heard, Fox didn't push the shooting schedule to accommodate Jennifer and Lionsgate at all. They locked her for a shoot starting in January 2013, because she signed the contract for X-Men before she signed for The Hunger Games, which means her X-Men obligations legally take precedence.

That's why Lionsgate had a very tight schedule, which was the reason why Gary Ross decided to walk away, believing he wouldn't have enough time for pre-production. He's a director who doesn't delegate much and likes to have control over every aspect of the filmmaking. Simon Beaufoy walked away with him, and Lionsgate had to find a new director and a screenwriter. They were initially going to shoot Catching Fire from September to January. But then in November X-Men: DOFP got pushed back because of the change of director and Jennifer was free again until May, which gave Lionsgate more breathing room and more time for filming - so after Jennifer's break for the awards season, she and the rest of cast and crew went back to continue filming and do some reshoots in Hawaii.
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