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Re: Scotty and his military comment

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
The presence of civilians ON STARSHIPS does.
No, I disagree, quite simply. For the reasons I've already stated. Unless you can make your case better, I find that unconvincing.

Enterprise-D never gets far enough from Federation space for this explanation to be even REMOTELY true. In TNG's first season the Enterprise visits two different starbases and even manages a trip to Earth; throughout its seven years in service, in fact, the Enterprise-D is not more than a few days travel from a starbase or a few weeks' travel from Earth.
Yeah, blame that on writers making the ship go at the speed of plot. But that was the implication from the pilot, and the "continuing mission".

Which reflects the nature of the organization itself: the ship is designed so that it can be rapidly converted into a combat vessel when the need arises, in much the same way a civilian can be trained to drop whatever he's doing, go grab a weapon and report for duty.
Yes. Starfleet is military AND science AND exploration AND relief. Remember that the secondary command center is called the "battle bridge".
And that's my opinion.
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