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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Unfortunately, as this trailer shows, from a visual standpoint, the seasons are getting less and less interesting. The sets are overlit, the photography is unadventurous and the vivid colours from seasons 3 and 4 are slowly disappearing. To me, as of this point, the remastering of TNG has lost some of its interest and the wait for DS9 has begun.
I wonder if the lack of vivid colours in the trailer are because the color correction hasn't been fully finalised??
I doubt it. Colour correction can only correct colours that are there, and the latter seasons of TNG had a dull colour palette compared to the earlier seasons. Sets were a lot brighter and yellows dominated. There are only a couple of episodes left that I'm curious to see in HD, for example Chain of Command.

Yeah thats true I suppose. I guess as mentioned earlier, the trailers for season 3 and 4 to a certain extent show colours that appear overly bright with poor contrast and no depth, possible that it may be the same for season 5. Guess time will tell.
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