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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

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I was often tempted to say "Fuckyouverymuch" to see if the customer would notice the difference.

Never did of course. I'm just not the type.

The age of cell phone made getting the customers attention more difficult. I can remember trying everything short of slapping them to let a customer that they needed to pay or to give them change. And of course the next customer in line is usually slowly fuming at having to wait.

sonak wrote:
right, because expecting politeness is a tool of the Man, meant to keep the proletariat down. I would have been totally cool with rudeness from my six-figure salaried doctor.
How is using your first name, if the company requires it, impolite? No one knows your preferences. So they have to follow the company guidelines.
You now the irony is if the cashier was on the phone the customer would be fuming that the cashier wasn't giving them their full attention. It works both ways, unlesss that phone call is a matter of life and death (which it isn't or you wouldn't be shopping) call them back.
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