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Didn't Christopher speculate there was a 2nd Five Year Mission between Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Motion Picture?
No. Some fans and novelists in the 1980s speculated that there may have been one, assuming the interval between TOS & TMP was closer to the real-life interval between them, despite Kirk's line in TMP about his "five years out there." Some of the '80s novels were apparently set in such a "second five-year mission," in that they alleged to be years after TOS yet still used the pre-TMP ship and uniform designs and character ranks. These include the first few Diane Duane novels, Corona, Pawns and Symbols, and Memory Prime.

All I've done is to discuss that practice from an earlier generation and contribute an interpretation of the chronology of the '80s novel continuity incorporating the "second 5YM" assumption used by some of its entries. It's other people's speculation, I just reported on it. And it certainly doesn't fit what's now generally known and accepted about the Trek chronology.
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