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Re: News about early 2014 schedule

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I agree it was probably a bit overkill for the first half of the year to pretty much be exclusively TOS, but I suspect that was partially due to STID's release and partially related to the plans for The Fall series in the second half.
Actually it's been the standard practice for about the past four years to have TOS books dominate one half of the year and 24th-century/other books dominate the other half. So I don't think it's a response to STID. It's just the approach that was already in place.
I suppose, but it would be nice if it varied a bit. I've only bought two Trek novels this year, DRGIII's TOS outing and ROTF. And I only bought DRGIII's novel since I love his work. I'm just not a big TOS fan.

Now I had to wait half a year for the novels I like. I suppose that this year it's kinda of ok, since we can read all of The Fall novels back to back. But in any other year, I'd really like to see some variation in what novels are released when, so no TOS for 6 friggin' months straight.
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