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Re: Netflix Presents: House of Cards (US) *SPOILERS*

- Loved seeing Frank break the fourth wall. I liked the valuable insight as well as seeing how two-faced people can be.

- Freddy seems to be the only person that Frank genuinely likes. You can see his whole demeanor change when he's around him.

- A lot of the machinations ring true, but the end where he was manipulating his way to the Vice Presidency didn't. Not quite. I found it a bit far-fetched that he could trust Raymond Tusk to either not communicate with Walker or to not let something slip.

- I like that Frank is now going to be VP. I really hope that this doesn't get derailed. Keeping my fingers crossed. And if he makes it that far, he'll have to find some way to get rid of Walker.

- Did I mention that I want some ribs? A full rack?

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I'm actually interested in Claire's story, too. Her office manager has essentially extorted her to gain a platform to rail against the very people she's working for (and lying about), and I'm on Claire's side in this one, who has always struck me as someone who tries to do good, even if that means making deals with the devil. The office manager is totally out of line, and I won't lie, I want it to bite her in the ass.
I'm rooting for Claire too. In fact, I was hoping that she was recording the conversation they had at the door. Gillian admitted that she didn't mind lying and Claire could have used that to scuttle the lawsuit.
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