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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

Watched the entire series over the weekend and absolutely loved it. Kevin Spacey killed, literally and figuratively.

Gotta get me some ribs on Tuesday. A full rack.

As for Netflix's model, I love it. I like that they release all the episode at once, commercial free. That's how I prefer to watch TV shows. And about the supposedly low numbers, I don't know if it's worth worrying about. Not everyone will watch the show the day it's released and I'm sure more people will catch it eventually, thus adding to the "ratings". It's also worth noting that Netflix is new and it'll take time for people to sign up and get used to it. I only signed up less than two weeks ago myself. I thought the service would be a hassle with poor selections, a lot of freezing and that it would be a bandwidth hog. Boy was I wrong.

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It also got a fairly mediocre review in the Globe & Mail yesterday. The review put much of the blame on the production side due to the involvement of people with no tv experience. Being good in movies production the article argues doesn't make one suitable for the small screen.
I loved that it felt more like the kind of political thriller you'd get with a motion picture than just another TV show.
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