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Re: Equinox

Death Dolphins.

Good one.

I went through the script yesterday. They didn't say shit about Caretaker other than "We'll talk about it later."

What we do Know.

Ransom does not hunt or attack, he hides or he runs.

That means that some of his crew probably died from Caretakerrape in the Ocampan Hospice.

Janeway found Ocampa (An overnight trip at "casual" warp, minutes at high warp.) because of the energy bursts from the Array to the Ocampan City, were bloody obvious. Maybe 6 months earlier they weren't so obvious? It could have been a burst every couple hours, or every couple days, for all we know.

We assumed that the Death Dolphins (I really like that.) followed Ransom because it seemed like once you get a super engine that that's right exactly what you do, burn rubber y'know. But isn't it fortunate that their fuel supply followed them? Isn't it bloody suicidal that their fuel supply followed Equinox?


Ransom said that he needed 64 four more Death Dolphins until he had enough gas to get all the way home, so really it would have been moronic for Ransom to anything but to go around and around in circles luring and trapping Death Dolphins until he had at least 64 of them, because how likely would it have been for the Death Dolphins to follow Equinox all the way to Earth?

But that's what I used to think.

Ransom leads the Dolphins to Earth, then the Dolphins sack Earth, and everyone dies.
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