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Re: Endgame was awesome!

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She's gotta fix it for Seven and Chatokay, but not for Carey and Hogan and Stadi?
How can you dislike an episode you didn't watch? The Admiral can only intervene to get the ship home at a point in the journey when there is a way back. Carey and Hogan weren't anywhere near such a place and could not be saved. Stadi was near the Array but there's no reason to think there was any way the Admiral could find a way home there. Preventing Voyager from going to the Badlands (never leaving) might not have worked to save just the Voyager crew, nor would it have saved Chakotay, Tuvok, Torres, Kes and Seven of Nine.

Bad enough Janeway does this--even after the ship and crew DID get home anyway--but VOY already did eps with the villain Annorax altering time and history for the sake of his personal outcome.

So Janeway does the SAME THING as a big heroic finish for the series?

NOT awesome.
The Admiral's plan was rejected. The Captain didn't change the past, she changed the future. If somehow you've convinced yourself people don't have the right to change their futures (,) the Captain did it to defeat the Borg, which is not a personal outcome. You shouldn't have taken so long making the popcorn, you missed that part.
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