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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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In the "mainstream" universe I don't know if we ever got any information about Carol Marcus' father and David's grandfather.
Nothing canonical. I'm not sure if any novels mentioned anything either.

Likewise, I'm curious about his version of Section 31 as well. Is it that large (having its own shipyards and massive facilities) or is that a result of Vulcan's destruction resulting in a complete and utter change in the direction of Starfleet at a fundamental level? These are all questions I'd love to see answered.
We don't know that S31 has its own shipyards. It seems to operate largely by suborning other Starfleet personnel and facilities, manipulating events so that they do things that advance S31's goals, even if they don't know that's who they're serving.

I'm also curious if we'll be seeing mainstream Scotty having invented transwarp beaming (obviously later in life than 2009 Star Trek universe). It'd be quite interesting to see its incorporation into the novelverse, though I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't get much of a role or downplayed.
I keep saying, the technology already existed as far back as TNG: "Bloodlines." It's just called a subspace transporter there instead.
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