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Re: ENT: A Choice of Futures by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!

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Am I the only one who actually didn't like the presence of Sam Kirk on Pioneer? It felt a little too contrieved to me.
I can see where some might see it that way, but it didn't feel contrived to me. The scene where his full name was revealed seemed like a nice treat for TOS fans. Since Christopher has said that this series is meant to bridge the gap between ENT and TOS I would hope that there will not only be call-backs to ENT, bit call-forwards to TOS. It is a very large gap though, so the types of reference are limited, I would think. I do trust Christopher's creativity to find them and make them seem non-gratuitous.

One question for Christiopher: Was there any significance to Sam Kirk's middle name "Abraham"? It occurred to me that you named him Sam as 1) a reference to George Samuel Kirk, Jim's brother and 2) as a reference to the TMP novel that mentions Jim Kirk's grandfather Samuel. Many assumed this to be George, Sr's father, but it could have been his Great Grandfather Samuel.

I know you're working on the second volume of this series now, but I look forward to your eventual annotations for this book.
Obviously I could be wrong but given the fact that Abraham Lincoln is stated to be a hero of Kirk's I wondered if perhaps it wasn't something he got from his grandfather, and that the middle name might be in honor of Lincoln.

Personally I thought it was great to meet Kirk's future grandparents.

My question about it for Christopher is what from canon or trek-lit inspired you to make his grandfather an historian?
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