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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

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Spectre Of The Gun

From the first time I saw this episode before I understood the nuances of morality etc, I knew that it was established that the UFP did not barge its way in and force contact with cultures who did not desire contact. Unless...

And the part that really pisses me off is that frankly there has to my recollection never been a compelling reason given why Starfleet Command ordered Kirk to force contact with the Melkotians. Neither in the episode itself nor later on in expanded universe materials.

It was a bullshit action for no reason at all.
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Didn't they force contact in The Corbomite Maneuver and A Taste of Armageddon?
There are a host of episodes of TOS where the Federation and Starfleet appear to be forcing Kirk to go somewhere and break the prime directive. There are also some episodes where Kirk himself decides to break the prime directive for no apparent reason or a bad reason.

Upon further viewings, you can start to see Kirk & the Federation as the bad guy.
I know we debate and debate and debate Kirk and the PD, and I can see the arguments saying how Kirk is all right in the case of The Apple (I think they're wrong but...) but here? How..HOW can you not say that Kirk, upon his own authority, destroying those computers and changing the entire political relationship of those two planets is not a violation?

The PD does apply to post-warp societies. It's not just about contamination, it's also about interfering in the politics of other worlds.

the TOS PD was much more flexible and defensible a concept than the TNG PD. The TNG PD became fundamentalist nonsense, that if applied literally, would mean that the Federation would have to be isolationist to adhere to it.
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