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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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After Worf Who Ate Two Star Trek Shows joined the cast, I stopped liking DS9. And as I said - Tasha was my favorite TNG character.
I must know more of this.

I'm not that keen on Worf myself, stick up his butt. Which I guess was the point.
The thing is, Worf went from a minor character to somebody who had a stake in the whole damn Klingon government! There was all this ongoing angst about honor, honor, honor... and did I forget to mention HONOR?

Okay, we get it. Klingons (the good ones, anyway) value honor. And Worf doesn't cut any slack for anybody who might have a different point of view, including the mother of his own child. Somehow that is honorable.

And then Picard and even DATA get roped into all this Klingon shit.

Meanwhile, TPTB think TOS movie #6 can't make it on its own merits without bringing in MICHAEL DORN as... wait for it... WORF! (sure, a different one, but it's still A Worf).

And then DS9 acquires this Klingon jerk, whose storylines end up including Jadzia (another character I hated from the get-go) and then we not only have Worf and Jadzia separately, but then Worf and Jadzia, the Super-duper Trill-Klingon Warrior!!!!

Damn, I was glad when they killed her off.

And every new season of Voyager, I was scared that they'd find a way to stick Michael Dorn into THAT series, too.

Tasha.. I'm afraid I can't even dig up enough personality in my (admittedly rusty) TNG memories. I'm afraid all I associate her with is the big yellow sex toy and her absolutely bizarre return as a romulan.
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