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Re: Endgame was awesome!

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SEVEN: Are you in love with me, Ensign?
KIM: Well, no.
SEVEN: Then you wish to copulate?
KIM: No! I mean, I, I don't know what I mean.
I remember that scene clearly the first time I watched it. I was a hormone filled teenager who was trying to strangle the TV all while shouting to it what an idiot Harry Kim was.
So many good lines from that episode.

KIM: Ensign Kim personal log, stardate 51186.2. Working with Seven of Nine is starting to get a little awkward. Tom's right. Anything more than friendship is a bad idea. But I can't stop thinking about her.

PARIS: If you'll excuse me, I have to go check on Harry. I hear he's having a nervous breakdown. It's a long story.
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