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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

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Privately, I think the PD is largely up to interpretation. The whole fact Starfleet wouldn't support Bajor against the Cardassians seems like [insert expletive].
I'm sure that's the case, but can you really blame Starfleet for that? Even the Federation has to prioritize. Romulans mucking with the Klingon High Council is a bigger deal than Cardassians supplying arms to a Bajoran resistance movement.

I don't mean to suggest that giving up the wormhole wouldn't have been a big deal for Starfleet, but war against the combined forces of the Klingons (under the Duras sisters) and the Romulans would have been much more danagerous. Picard had the right idea when he argued for blocking Romulan supply lines. Sisko had the right idea, too. He just used a different approach in exposing the Cardassians involvement in the Circle.

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