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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

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Privately, I think the PD is largely up to interpretation. The whole fact Starfleet wouldn't support Bajor against the Cardassians seems like [insert expletive].
Unlike when they instantly came to Cardassia's rescue with military force when the Klingons threatened to invade.

In fact they came to Cardassia's rescue twice.

RE; Dear Doctor--the more you analyze this episode the wronger it is.

I don't get the logic--just because a disease is genetic based, that means it was meant to be an evolutionary dead end and no one should bother finding a cure.

That sounds more like more like a philosophy than actual medical science.

Phlox said he already found a cure for the disease.

If you can find a disease for a cure, then it wasn't an evolutionary dead end.

What would Starfleet do if earth had an epidemic that was hard to cure? They'd find a cure and use it.

I think I would rather have a Crusher or Julian working on the case if it were my planet that had such a disease.

The only point I do get is the worry that the one culture was exploiting the other.
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