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Re: Recommend your favorite Science or Technology book.

I can't believe I forgot this book:

The Invisible Universe by David Malin -- it's a big book: 34 x 41cm (13.5 x 16 inches), each page has a full page colour image of astronomical images (no borders) facing non-technical captions. It's absolutely gorgeous, and well worth the money for anybody who loves the night sky.

For those ppl who don't know the name David Malin, he is one of the best scientific photographer in the world, and spent 30 years in atronomical photography. He has two galaxy types named after him: Malin-Carter 'shell' galaxies, and Malin-1 galaxies both discovered by him through his unique techniques of astronomical photography. Considering there are only three types of galaxies being taught in schools: elliptical, spiral and irregular; and these two Malin galaxy types are not part of these is what makes the name Malin so special.
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