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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

54. Ninja Assassin: B
55. Mr&Mrs. Smith: A-
56. Silver Linings Playbook: A-
57. Man of Steel: B+
58. Doubt: A
59. Godfather: A
60. World War Z: B

Godfather: A classic that I'd not seen since my late teens, circa early 90's, and not sure I really appreciated it as I should. Probably why when it was lauded I was more MEH on it. I found not only had I forgotten large parts of it but I indeed found the merits of it's praise to be worthy. I've therefore put parts 2&3 in the Netflix queue next.

World War Z: A zombie flick that hits the ground running and is tense for the largest part of the film. The ending actually slows the pace down in order to test a hypothesis on how to circumvent the zombies. The ending is a bit open and seems clearly set up to allow for more. The few cliches and open ended ending make me keep it out of A range.

Unrelated to my grade I can't believe a couple brought a 5-6mo old infant to the theater for WWZ. Really, REALLY...common sense, courtesy and good judgement have clearly checked out and are missing in action.
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