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Re: Satisfying Cancelled Show Endings

1 Fugitive

2 The Wire

3 Little House on the Prairie - pure sadness wtf end, they Nuke their own town to say F*ck You!! to the wall street bankers

4 Cosby Show

5 Dinosaurs, disney henson, family massacre

6 TNG - Star Trek the next generation

7 Animaniacs Birds on a Wire Animaniacs Suite

8 Babylon 5 - Crusade + Lost Tales movie finale

9 Cowboy Bebop Mish-Mash Blues

10 Justice League cartoon Destroyer

11 Spiderman cartoon Final Curtain

12 Merlin Diamond of the Day

13 Farscape

14 N.E Tranquility Base Our Town

15The Colbys wtf abducted by aliens ending
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