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Re: Endgame was awesome!

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See that's the thing.. all these Chakotay fans who think he is hot hot hot and would love to wake up in his bed deny 7 the very thing they wish for themselves. It's sad.
It's not that I love Chakotay.

Seven is way more awesome than Chakotay. Better character, better lines, better humor.

But I just didn't see the chemistry between them AT ALL.

I would have rather had nearly any pairing other than that.

Yes, I wanted Janeway to end up with Chakotay because for some reason I just think they had chemistry or at least they knew each other for a long time, had an established relationship and rapport...and come on, Janeway went through enough already. Engaged twice and both of them gone. She deserved to be happy. Even if it wasn't Chakotay...I just didn't like that they ended her arc with her being alone. I just didn't enjoy that. I think she deserved more than that.
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