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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

[QUOTE=Charles Phipps;8320378]It's one of my problems with Dear Doctor where the question is supporting superior life-forms at the expense of the inferior./quote]

As I've told you elsewhere, that is a completely incorrect and backward reading of the episode. You really need to watch it again or read the transcript. Phlox's position isn't about deeming the Menk superior, but about rejecting the assumption that the Valakians have a superior right to thrive. His decision is to remain neutral and do nothing to alter either species' chances of surviving the process that their evolution has already set in motion. Evolution isn't about superiority or inferiority, it's just about whether a species can adapt to the demands of its environment. Saying one species is more likely to survive is not saying that it's better or more entitled to survive, it's just saying that the impersonal, value-neutral forces of evolution happen to be tending toward a particular outcome. (Yes, Phlox does argue for the Menk's potential, but that's to counter the assumption that only the Valakians deserve consideration, to encourage Archer to consider both sides of the issue.)
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