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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

DonIago wrote: View Post
Why does every death have to be heroic? To please the fans? Because if that's the rationale, then there are fans who are displeased by that theory.
Well, it helps if the HERO(INE), if they have to die, that they die heroically.

Hell, if the happiness of fans was the overriding priority then the last two movies wouldn't have happened...
That would have made me happy.

Crazyewok wrote: View Post
Thats the problem each series should have its own direction and personality.

Its why DS9 and TNG have so much staying power 20 years later.
After Worf Who Ate Two Star Trek Shows joined the cast, I stopped liking DS9. And as I said - Tasha was my favorite TNG character.

Funny how I'm usually bored stiff by DS9 and TNG fanfic, yet enjoy TOS and Voyager fanfic. Guess not everyone shares your views, hmm?

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
It wouldn't have hurt to have a deeper secondary cast and kill them off once in a while like they did in the first two seasons.

Killing off main cast, the problem with that is they always predictably kill off the least gimmicky characters. Sure in Voyager that would have been Chakotay and Kim which might not have been a bad thing, but in general it's lame when they do that. Once in a while a dramatic MC death might have worked, but not frequently.
But they did kill a main cast member off... several times. Harry died at least twice on his own, and a few more times whenever Janeway decided to blow the ship up or ram it into another ship.
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